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Kathleen Gati as "Aunt Vera"

Kathleen Gati—the two time Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Actress, winner of seven Best Actress awards, a Best Supporting Actress Award and a Best Actress Nominee—stars as "Aunt Vera" in CROSSING, the new independent film from writer/director Arthur Ian.

Kathleen Gati is well known as "Raisa" on CW’s Arrow; as "Deirdre," the flight attendant on AMC's Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462; the CEO on BET's Being Mary Jane and for her nine seasons as "Dr. Liesl Obrecht" of ABC's General Hospital (450 episodes). She was voted “2019’s Most Entertaining Character on Daytime Television” by Soap Opera Digest. She is also very popular for her two seasons on 24 as "Anya Suvarov," the First Lady of Russia.

In CROSSING, Kathleen Gati fully embodies "Aunt Vera," a woman of stern yet loving conviction from the former Soviet Union. As her family copes with dire health concerns and mounting medical bills amid the tumult of the Great Recession, Aunt Vera becomes a touchstone to those closest to her, characterized by her honesty, passionate intensity, and unwavering ability to support the ones she holds dear.


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