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Teri Reeves as "Izabella"

Teri Reeves—a graduate of the MFA theatre program at UC San Diego and a Producing Member of the Ovation Award winning Chalk Repertory Theatre—stars as "Izabella" in CROSSING, the new independent film from writer/director Arthur Ian.

Although her first love is the stage, Teri Reeves is perhaps best known for featuring as a recurring guest star on a variety of acclaimed television series, including: her role as "Marlena Olin" in Marvel's The Punisher; as "Dr. Hallie Casey" in NBC's Chicago Fire, opposite Jesse Spencer; and as "Dorothy" in ABC's Once upon a Time. Reeves also starred as "KJ Jameson" in Battleground, Hulu's first original scripted show, and has appeared in several indie films.

In CROSSING, Teri Reeves gives a captivating performance as "Izabella," a confident young woman from the former Soviet Union, defined by her persistent courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. As she and her family cope with her father's faltering health during the agitated early stages of the Great Recession, Izabella maintains a level demeanor and becomes a voice of reason, never hesitant to speak out for that which she values most.


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